I would be honored to work with you to assist you in shifting any stuck places into something more life-affirming and self-expressive. I offer several different kinds of services that you can check out. I have assisted people in a number of different arenas, including relationship, moving forward in work, how they show up [...]


  I want to collaborate with you on the work you are already doing. I can be your liaison in trauma.   Constellations work has an amazing track record of helping clients access areas that are hard to reach in traditional talk therapy. This is not a replacement for traditional talk therapy, but can be amazingly [...]


  I want to have a conversation with you about collaborating with you on your work. Constellations are an amazing tool that can pair with many different types of work, complementing the goals already present, and allowing for deeper movement. I realize you’ve likely never heard of constellations work, because in the United States they are [...]

Amy Calhoun
amy [at] insightchange [dot] com